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Monday, March 25
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET

With March Madness less than a month away, an estimated 40 million Americans will soon complete an average of two brackets each. Sports betting operators from around the world are now competing to access this engaged American audience. During this discussion, learn how the scramble for market access will impact the overall landscape of sports betting in the United States. What are the industrywide repercussions of a partnership deal like that of Caesars and DraftKings? How do deals of that scale actually work?

Join expert panelists Chris Grove (Managing Director, Eilers & Krejcik Gaming), Dan Kustelski (Co-founder & CEO, Chalkline Sports), Quinton Singleton (COO, Bet.Works), and Brian Wyman, Ph.D. (SVP of Operations & Analytics, The Innovation Group) as they discuss sports betting business, operations, marketing, and more.



In addition to empowering our clients to create successful destinations, The Innovation Group is dedicated to propelling the gaming and hospitality industry to even greater heights. Working in conjunction with several industry partners, we play an active role in shaping the strategies, technologies and leaders of tomorrow.

Emerging Leaders of Gaming™, a program designed to turn today’s young executives into tomorrow’s industry leaders, was formed by The Innovation Group as a means of giving young professionals that extra advantage in the already competitive gaming, entertainment, leisure, and hospitality industries.

The program launched in 2012, when nominees were selected and then granted access to the array of resources and connections that The Innovation Group has been building for more than 20 years. That year, we hosted our first Emerging Leaders networking event at Global Gaming Expo (G2E). The program has since provided ongoing networking and career advancement opportunities that bring the Emerging Leaders closer to future senior-level and C-suite management positions.

“Being part of Emerging Leaders of Gaming has been an incredible honor, and has facilitated networking with the people who will be running the industry in 5-20 years.”
— Brett Abarbanel, Ph.D.
Director of Research
UNLV International Gaming Institute

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


12/12/2018 – Machine Learning in Practice: Applications for the Gaming Industry
Luis Serrano, a mathematician, software engineer and data scientist now leading a continuing education program, will provide a primer on machine learning (ML), breaking down the basics and sharing examples of real world successes in practice. Following his presentation, Serrano and Wyman will discuss ML in gaming, looking at forward thinking applications already at play and the vast opportunity that lies ahead.  [Panelists: Brian Wyman, Senior Vice President, Operations & Data Analytics, The Innovation Group  |  Luis Serrano, Head of Content, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Udacity]
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7/18/2018 – Comprehensive Online Strategies for Casinos – Taking Control
Many casinos still face the dilemma of whether to expand from bricks and mortar to online, and how. In this one hour video webinar, Emerging Leaders of Gaming and American iGaming Solutions will cover all of the angles including how to analyze and prioritize opportunities, forecast ROI, and address outreach from vendors.  [Panelists: Jason Rosenberg, CEO, American iGaming Solutions  |  Itsik Akiva, Online Gaming & Marketing Consultant, American iGaming Solutions]
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3/14/2018 – Sports Betting Survey Results: A Detailed Discussion
TIG produced a targeted, consumer-focused survey on sports betting with data informing operators, state governments, Tribes, and lotteries on how consumers may respond to the myriad of sports betting options that could follow the resolution of Christie v. NCAA. This one-hour video webinar will provide a detailed overview of the results of this informative survey.  [Panelists:  David Schwartz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Gaming Research, University of Nevada, Las Vegas  |  Brian Wyman, Senior Vice President, Operations & Data Analytics, The Innovation Group]
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11/15/2017 – Evolution of Non-Gaming Amenities
Comparing gaming properties today to casinos of the past, it is clear that the gaming experience has changed dramatically since casino-style gaming was first introduced in the U.S. Just as gaming devices have evolved, so too has the non-gaming amenity. While some of the first diversified gaming experiences relied on relatively “standard” amenities such as traditional food and beverage outlets and box-style meeting space, gaming properties can no longer rely on cookie-cutter non-gaming amenities. Join us for this one-hour video webinar which will explore the evolution of the non-gaming amenity as well as what it takes to differentiate gaming properties and attract new customers.  [Panelists: Tom Wucherer, Principal, YWS Design & Architecture | Joe Scibetta, VP, Development & Operations, Rush Street Gaming]
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8/9/2017 – Sports Betting: Opportunities Inside & Out of Nevada
This video webinar will feature a panel of experts covering how casinos can use sports betting for customer acquisition and retention inside and out of Nevada, as well as provide regulatory updates for gaming jurisdictions throughout the U.S.  [Panelists: Will Green, Sr. Director, Research, American Gaming Association | Dan Kustelski, Co-Founder & CEO, Chalkline Sports | Dan Shapiro, VP of Strategy & Business Development, William Hill US]
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4/19/2017 – Emerging Gaming Technologies & the Gamification of Casino Properties
This video webinar will feature experts covering a number of emerging trends including skill-based gaming and incorporating game-like experiences throughout properties to influence both staff and patrons, among others.  [Panelists: Aron Ezra, Chief Executive Officer, OfferCraft | Marcus Yoder, VP Business Development, Regulated Markets, Gamblit Gaming]
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12/14/2016 – Data Science in Gaming
Join TIG’s data science division, Innovation Analytics, as they discuss data science and how it directly applies to the gaming industry. Topics will include building a data science team, promotional testing and guest satisfaction analysis.  [Panelists: Anthony Mason, Principal, Innovation Analytics  |  Matthew Konopka, Principal, Innovation Analytics]
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11/17/2016 – Decision 2016 & its Impact on Gaming
Join the Emerging Leaders of Gaming for an in-depth review of the election results and its potential impact on the gaming industry. This video webinar will feature experts from both sides of the aisle who can address regional and national implications for commercial and tribal gaming. Be sure to register to hear unique insights and analysis on this momentous election.  [Panelists: Kirk Blalock, Co-founder & Principal, Fierce Government Relations  |  Shanti Stanton, Principal, Subject Matter  |  Aurene Martin, Managing Partner, Spirit Rock Consulting]
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9/14/2016 – Conquering G2E 2016
With Global Gaming Expo (G2E) fast approaching, join Emerging Leaders of Gaming for a video webinar previewing this renowned industry gathering. During the session, learn how to make the most out of your time on-site. Topics will include: Trends to explore on the expo floor; Key speakers and topics at Elevate: G2E education; Not-to-be-missed networking opportunities  [Panelists: Peter Arceo, Chief Marketing Officer , San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino  |  Corey T. Nyman, Director of Operations , The Nyman Group, Ltd.  |  Dana Takrudtong, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, GAN]
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7/26/2016 – The Rise of eSports: A Discussion on the Industry and its Potential Impacts on Gaming
The eSports industry is rapidly evolving and intersecting with casino gaming. During a one-hour video webinar, gain a high- level overview of the evolving eSports industry, including: Top games played; Growth of the industry; Size and scale of various eSports events.  Further, understand the opportunities the nascent industry is providing to the gaming industry from both an operational and a betting perspective.  [Panelists: Brett Abarbanel, Head, Social & Recreational Gambling Research, UCLA  |  Seth Schorr, Chairman Downtown Grand, Las Vegas  |  Hai Ng, Partner, Neomancer]
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4/13/2016 – How to Engage Millennials in the Workplace
While Baby Boomers and Generation Xers are delaying their retirement, millennials are simultaneously joining the workforce, creating an ever-widening generational gap in the workplace.  This leaves many of us wondering: As a non-millennial manager, how can I engage my millennial employees?  As a millennial, how can I effectively communicate with my non-millennial manager?Emerging Leaders of Gaming intends to answer these questions (and more) during our upcoming video webinar, the goal being to bridge generational gaps and ensure success by capitalizing on each generation’s strengths.
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