Matthew Konopka

Matthew Konopka

Matthew Konopka is based out of San Francisco as a principal for the data analysis and new technologies arm of The Innovation Group, Innovation Analytics. Working with industry operators, technology developers and investors, Innovation Analytics uses quantitative methods to unlock business insights in management, strategy, and marketing. Database decision analysis, digital interactive gap analysis, primary customer research, social/interactive gaming platform, and on-site mobile customer data capture are just a few of their contributions. Matt’s consulting role includes direct marketing, CRM, campaign and promotional design, loyalty programs, e-commerce, media planning, business intelligence, consumer insights, statistical modeling, partnerships, and branding.

Matt has expertise in quantitative analysis and statistical programming for a diverse array of applications. He has consulted as a lead statistical analyst on projects for federal government clients including the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Department of Justice. Projects and cases include economic damage calculation for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, procedural assessments of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and EPA financial assurance rulemaking evaluations for extractive industries. Additionally, he has provided analytical consulting services for clients in the Department of the Interior, state departments of the environment, and private clients.

As a technical consultant, Matt specializes in the economic modeling, statistical analysis, and quantitative risk assessment required for business management, litigation, public administration, and regulatory impact assessments. He is an expert in extensive quantitative methods including survey design and implementation, Monte Carlo modeling, GIS/spatial analysis, financial modeling, and program monitoring and evaluation. He is a highly-skilled statistical programmer specializing in Stata, R, and Python.

Matt graduated from University of California, San Diego’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies with a Master of Pacific and International Affairs. He holds a B.A. from American University in International Studies.

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