Jack Goodin


After a summer internship at The Innovation Group’s Las Vegas office, Jack Goodin joined the firm as a full-time employee in September of 2022. Jack attained his Master of Arts in Philosophy at Western Michigan University, where he studied computability, skepticism, and logic, and taught classes in applied ethics. Prior to his master’s degree, Jack earned a Fulbright scholarship to research Uruguayan food. He worked with mathematical ecologists to build network models of Uruguayan recipes and ingredients to analyze how the local cuisine has changed over time.

In his role at The Innovation Group, Jack combines the quantitative modeling and research skills he acquired at Fulbright with the qualitative writing and analytical skills he acquired through his philosophy education to conduct precise research, build rigorous models, and assemble sharp reports for clients.

Jack grew up in Fairfax, Virginia, and now spends his free time contending with local poker room regulars while wrangling usable photos of Las Vegas life out of his camera.

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